Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I drove dave to work in the morning.  I had plans to run with someone and with being down to 1 car I had to do it. I wish he went into work later or our run was scheduled earlier though.  I had to go back home after.  I updated my calendar site while I was killing time though so at least I got something done. Granted I spent 15 extra minutes drivin that morning since I had to go back home. 
Then I off to run.  Megan and I did some trail running in the rain.  We ran for 6 miles.  The first quarter mile was really tough. We were both so out of breath. We ran at a 12 minute mile pace.  It was a little difficult to find the North Park Trails. The first half mile or so weren't on the marked trails but then we got to them.  We were hoping this would prepare us for the Laurel Highlands Ultra.  At least we knew to expect 12 minute mile pace.   I wore my old shoes and was sure glad I did because they got a bit muddy.  My legs got pretty muddy too.
After I got home, I showered and stayed in my robe while doing more computer stuff.  Then I had to hurry to get dressed to head to lunch.
I had to pick Dave up.  I had to wait to get out of parking lot. There were some geese in the road (just in case you can't really tell from the pictures).
We went to Double Wide for lunch.  Paulo joined us and had the waitress take our picture.
Before Dave left work, They put a file cabinet in his cube opening to make it so that he couldn't leave.  They sure were nice to him when he was leaving. They made him feel awesome. They told him they'd miss him. It all seemed very nice... unlike what my coworkers did for me.
I got home and took a nap. Day 1 of joblessness and I already took a nap.   Then I went and updated my calendar site some more.

Dave and I watched TV at home.   The first day of the rest of our lives.... or something like that.

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