Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Tank: Gap (from 2006)
Jeans: Express
Hoodie: F21
Shoes: Brooks
Shoes: Sperry (from somewhere online)
Shirt and Jeans: JCP
I went running with Adrienne in the morning.  We ran 6 miles then walked 2.  We ran at a leisurely 9:47 pace. It was nice. I've realized how easy it is to loose your endurance.  I need to keep up the mid to long runs so I don't lose it all again. I think it might be 90% gone.
I took Poly to my parents so they could watch her for a few days. It was just me and her.  She was pretty good until I got on the Turnpike. 
Dave and I did facetime so he could see Poly (and me).  After I left, Poly was resting on the kitchen chair.
While i was there, Poly looked out their sliding glass door.  Sometimes she half hid behind the curtains to look out the door.  Their door is taller than ours so she sees better while sitting.

Dave and I packed.  We missed Poly.  We should have gone to sleep early but I was up past midnight.

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