Monday, June 25, 2012

6.24 - New Apartment

I woke up after 4 hours of sleep.   I hung out with Poly but then went to start watching One Tree Hill.  Finally around noon we left and got our apartment keys.
The view (sliding door and kitchen window)
Add kitchen
Both bathrooms. The bathroom with the curtain rod is the hall bathroom.
The other rooms. You can't tell much from these though.
That took a little longer than I expected.  The apartment was nicer than I thought. The master bedroom was smaller than I was picturing.  We never saw the place before because it was under construction. The mail area is in the parking garage versus the main entry level like it is here at temporary housing.  I really wish we all our stuff so we could start staying there.
You can look at the photos in a separate album if you are interested. 
We went to Panera for lunch after. I was starving by this point since I hadn't eaten yet and it was 2pm.  We ate outside at Panera.  This was the view. There were other restaurants and stores there too.

We went to PetCo after to check it out. They had cats up for adoption. They looked so sad. We stared for awhile and realized that we better not go to that place often. It's within walking distance of our house.  We checked out the Safeway.  The temperature in that store was freezing. I felt like I needed a winter coat in there.
I came home and napped for a bit.
After that it was One Tree Hill time again... for many hours.  I had some grapes and bread and butter for dinner.  It was kind of late but I wasn't hungry so figured I better eat the grapes before they get old.

I watched all of One Tree Hill before but there is so much that I forgot.  Most of the stuff that I remember I realize it's coming and so I want to watch more episodes. The cliff hangers I totally forget make me want to keep watching too.   I remember so many things from Season 1 but seasons 3 and 4 I barely remember anything. Have you ever watched a TV series for the second time?  Did you find that you remembered more of Season 1 than the other seasons?   What are your favorite TV series?
I really liked this outfit but the pictures were crappy. I showed up all dark because of no flash and poor lighting. This is what happens when you forget a picture.
Short: Loft (2009)
Jeans: Express
Necklace and Earrings: Lia Sophia (2011)


  1. That's a really nice place! Is this temporary or are you staying there for awhile?

    I love Dawson's Creek and Gilmore Girls. I could watch them both over and over forever. I made Tanner watch both series with me and he cried with me at the last episode of DC. Don't tell him I told you :P

    1. That's the real place. The pictures with Poly above are at the temporary place though.

      Here is the temporary place post:

    2. Oh I forgot to address the 2nd paragraph. I never watched Dawson's Creek or Gilmore Girls. Maybe I will next if they are on netflix.

    3. OMG watch them. Now. Do it. DC is on Netflix. GG isn't yet. Sad times :(

    4. I was just reading up on all the One Tree Hill characters and learned 3 of them were on Dawson's Creek

    5. Really? I never could get into OTH. My best friend in high school was obsessed with the show and tried to get me to watch it multiple times, but I just couldn't. Although Chad Michael Murray was definitely easy on the eyes haha.

    6. And now I'm remembering that Chad MM was on Dawson's Creek but not until one of the later season's if not the last one. The college years are definitely the best as far as Dawson's goes. The high school years are uber 90's and just really hilarious and over dramatic. Man now I want to go back and watch them again! :P

    7. OTH high school years were so much better. I said that the first time and I say that now. And now that I know that 2 characters refused to come back because they wanted more money and thought they were the stars now when I watch their last season I just hate them. I don't know if i hated them last time or not. But I felt like the acting wasn't that good between them and also the story line wasn't that good either. I fell asleep with 5 min left in a season finale last night. I probably missed even more than that but it's not nearly as good as it used to be. Also the last few season finales had 0 cliffhangers because they always thought it'd be cancelled.

      What I recently learned and now find really cool is that on the show different people went on tour and well that tour was a real tour and people referred to it as the one tree hill tour.

      also Chad MM seems to have gotten older so as the seasons went on he doesn't appear to be the same age as the others. He's only a year older than some or born the same year as another but he looks older. Also "Nathan" was younger than the rest so he actually was younger than the character he played after they skipped the college years.

      I did think OTH was awesome in how they did a high school show but didn't do 1 year per 1 season because all the ones that do that don't have a ton of seasons. I wish other high school series did what they did and had one high school year = 2 seasons.