Friday, June 29, 2012


woke up to Dave telling me he thinks someone just came in our front door.  It was someone looking at the house!

After the people left that woke us up, we unpacked and headed to pick up Poly. My parents were watching here while we were traveling and we missed her. My family didn't send us nearly enough picture updates of her. I was lucky to get 1 a day and I had to ask.

When I got to my parents, we talked briefly before that had to head to taking my dad to a doctor appointment about his knee. I took a brief nap on the couch, then Timmy, Dave, and I went to lunch.  We went to Pizza Hut Buffet.  We were just wasting time. I said we had to hurry.  Dave said what for because we were jobless.  Then Timmy said he had to be somewhere at 7pm.  It was only 1 PM at that time. Oh the craziness.  It felt so weird to not be hurrying for everything.
Then we went to Walmart. We took turns on the blood pressure machine. None of our data is that good.
We got home and talked.  Then my parents had to leave for another doctor appointment. My mom enjoyed talking so my dad just went by himself even though his right knee was his bad knee.  It was nap time again.  This time Dave napped.

Then four of us headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Three of us got the same meal. We really like that pulled pork dinner. On our way home we went to DeLallo's but they didn't have any pepperoni bread.  Dave bought a few things but I thought we shouldn't since we're moving soon.
We hung out at my parents a little bit more and then headed home.  Poly liked to just relax on my parents chair.

Poly was perfect in the car until we were at the toll booths on the Turnpike then she liked to cry.

After we got home I put in a Stampin' Up order.  Then I didn't know where Poly was. She was hiding. At least this time she wasn't under the cedar chest. She was under the buffet in the dining room.

The day just disappeared. I don't know how it went so fast.
Poly also hid under the bed.


  1. My blood pressure/pulse are similar to yours. I figure the pulse is good.

    Timmy's pulse looks high. I bet you within 20 days he winds up in intensive care.

    1. I forgot to mention that we all took our BP at home too. Timmy's was still bad. PB's was the best.
      Sometimes my BP is 98/56 and sometimes 120/80 and it just ranges a lot. My pulse is always low.