Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I woke up after a long sleep and still felt tired. I figured this is what joblessness feels like.

I sold my white furniture early in the morning. The guy came after a 12 hour shift.   Then we started to clean out our dresser and chest to sell that furniture.  Dave and I carried all furniture downstairs because we didn't want the buyers doing it because they might ding up the walls and not care.
Dave cooked breakfast at 9:30 so I had been up 2.5 hours but I still wasn't hungry. I ate 1 bite of the hash browns, 1.5 slices of bacon, 1 piece of toast, and half the egg he made me. (I'm not sure if he made me 2 or 3 eggs worth though.)  I was so full I just wanted to curl up in a ball. I hate how I can't eat in the mornings.  I also realized Dave is doing to me with hash browns like my dad did with fish. I'm getting it far too often so now I'm just grossed out by it and don't want to eat it even though hash browns used to be one of my favorite foods.
We watched a little TV.  We cleaned some more drawers upstairs and carried more downstairs.  I had bread and butter and peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

I think I wasted time on my computer in the middle of the day. Now that I don't have a job, I feel like I just read facebook more.
My parents came at 5:30 and brought me stuffed peppers. Man they were good.  I ate 1.5 worth and would have had more but my dad was itching to load the car and I didn't want him to do it alone.

I gave my parents my exercise bike and my Christmas Tree.  The tree is super nice but with a 60" base, we won't ever have room for it in the smaller places in California. I kept all my ornaments. I did leave the tree lights on for the first time ever this year and my mom has other lights to use so leaving them on was no benefit.

At 7, some more people came to buy my 2 pieces of bedroom furniture.   So that made it 2 of 3 things we sold that I put on Craigslist. The 3rd thing was supposed to have someone pick it up on Saturday but he never showed :( Now we still have to get rid of the end tables, coffee table, and sofa table.

With my parents we went to the store to buy club soda to work on cleaning a few stains in the carpet. I tried other stuff but not club soda.  The stains are a little better but not perfect.

After the carpet cleaning, my parents left. It was around 8:30 and they like to drive when it's daylight.

Once they left, Dave and I cleaned up the little messes we made all weekend and organized all the junk from our drawers better. There is still 1 containers worth of my old junk I have to go through.  Dave wanted me to do it before bed but I was tired.
I went into bed early and played Solitaire on my iPad.

I fell asleep while playing and Dave knows how I love pictures so he took a picture of me.


  1. I have the opposite problem; I am always hungry in the morning and around lunch time and then not hungry the rest of the day.

    1. Your way of being is better. I get hungry at 9pm and sometimes eat then which isn't good for me.