Thursday, July 5, 2012


Nothing that exciting. Just the nervousness that they would pack up our house the following day.
We did buy Poly a harness for the airport. She did not like it. She did give up from trying to get out of it after a little and just plopped over on the floor so we were glad to see that.


  1. Poly has a bed very similar to Bennie's...we call it a Doughnut bed...though you would enjoy that since you enjoy doughnuts :)

  2. Just realized i posted this on the wrong post...should have been on the bathroom post where you can see her bed lol

    1. It's all good. I was scheduling posts and scheduled 2 for the exact same time. I meant to space them out by a few hours.

      Poly only likes her bed sometimes. She seems to go through phases.

      I was thinking about Bennie when Dave said there are so many dogs at Google. He said at some meeting where execs were speaking one exec went up so his dog went up to and just sat beside him while he spoke. Just imagine if you could take Bennie to work with you daily and also imagine if when you were giving the presentation to your SVP that your dog is there right beside you!