Sunday, July 29, 2012


 I forget all the details because it was so stressful.

We woke up close to 4 but maybe earlier.    Poly was cuddled up next to me. She sure didn't know what was coming.   We gave her the medicine that was supposed to relax her on the flight. We headed over to check-in and the lines were INSANELY long. We thought for sure we'd miss the flight.  It was crazy.   We made it through.  We made it through security.   We got to the gate and they had started boarding. We had no extra time.

Poly did not like the bag. She did not like being under the chair. The medicine to relax her made her a little crazy.

After a few hours on the flight, Dave pulled the bag up and put it on his lap on the plane. She was a little better with this.

The medicine only lasts 4-5 hours and we could tell when it was starting to wear off. She was getting more relaxed.

It was the worst flight. I would never recommend flying with a cat. I also would not recommend the medicine to relax a cat unless maybe you try it out first.

At the airport, I went to baggage claim and Dave went to go get the rental car. Then he had to come pick me up.  That took awhile.  Some kids were talking to Poly. Luckily her medicine wore off so she was a pleasant cat. Also while they talked to Poly, I was able to jump up and get our bags as they went around.

Once we got to the rental car, I was so relieved. We still had to get to the temporary housing though. I rode in the back seat with Poly in the car.
On our way to the apartment, Dave was driving. I figured he knew where he was going. As we got closer he told me I needed to tell him where to go. I didn't even have the address handy. That was fun.  Then we found the complex but we couldn't figure out how to get in.  We had a code to type in but it didn't seem to work. We walked all around with Poly trying to figure it all out.

Finally we were in the apartment. Poly explored. She immediately went and hid under the bed.

Dave took a 2 hour nap.
We went to Target.

Poly jumped onto the coffee table and broke a glass. Poor Poly.

I watched some One Tree Hill on Apple TV.
We also went to sleep around 6pm if I remember correctly.

The first half of the day was so awful that I kept postponing writing about it. Now that it's been over a month, it doesn't seem as bad.

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