Sunday, July 22, 2012


Cardigan: Kohl's
Top: Limited
Jeans: Express
Purse: Kohl's
I set my alarm for 8:30 and with going to bed at midnight I figured I would easily get up at 8:30. Well when my alarm went off Dave was still sleeping and I figured he needed his rest so I reset it for 9am. Well he was still sleeping then too so I went back to sleep.  Then I woke up at 9:30 and he was awake and using his computer in bed.

We used our computers until about noon.  We headed out and first hit up the post office to get our mail that was being held. The post office was packed and that took forever.  Then we headed to our apartment to try to get the internet set up again.  After 2 hours, we gave up. Comcast Customer support sucked and working with them is what took so long.  Then they said they'd do something and call back in 10 minutes. (It's been 14 hours and they still haven't called back.)

We headed to lunch at Baja Fresh at 4:00.  That was entirely too late for the first meal of the day. Dave and I were starving.  We had a little thing of Trail Mix at the apartment because that was the only snack I brought over. I don't even like nuts but they sure were tasty when I was starving.   I'm barely ever hungry anymore. I just eat because we have meals. I also have 1500 calories at a meal. I'm just not hungry.

We went to yet another mall. We went to go to Famous Footwear. We only ended up buying some candy from Target though.

We came home and shortly after my mom called so I talked to her for over an hour.  Shortly after we got off the phone, we headed out to dinner. But by this time it was 8:30 PM.  We ended up not knowing where to go and ended up wasting time. We got pizza from some small tasty place.   We keep having dinner too late at night.  People wake up too late around here.  Everything is too late. I feel like my day is half gone by the time I get out of bed.  I don't know why people get to work so late around here. Then we go to dinner at 8:30 PM and there's a wait. It's crazy.

I wanted to go to In N Out for dinner or Five Guys. I wanted a burger.  I'm still a little mad about that.  (Still = when I'm typing this at 1am on the 30th it just took awhile for me to post it)

After dinner, I got back to watching One Tree Hill. I'm almost done with Season 8 then I start a new series!


  1. I find it funny that everything is too late for you there. I mean, it sucks for you, but since I have a weird sleep schedule naturally, everything being later makes sense to me!

    1. well this is before we were living in our apartment so now we aren't so late with things.

      Shows are on earlier that are news related. Other "live" shows we see 3 hours later than other people see the live show.

      we've probably only had a late dinner once in the past 3 weeks.