Monday, July 16, 2012


I woke up bright and early to get to an 8:00 DMV appointment.
I cannot believe how long the DMV took. I didn't even wait in line at all. I was talking to the lady asking if I had an appointment and then I went up to the window right after that. Then I had to go get the inspection. Then I came in and got to bypass the line. I did have to wait for the ladies to finish talking to who they were talking to. Then I left that counter and didn't even get to sit down and I was called to the window. The longest line was 3 people at the picture. Then I was next for the test. There were 4 people in front of me waiting to have tests graded. All that and I was still there an hour and a half (1:29 if you don't want me to round).

I got home and saw red doors and lots of doors opened but some closed as I got closer to our door. Then our door was still gray and not opened. I got in and let Poly out and she was just resting on the bed like a good Poly. I let her out and she waited for Dave. Then I went to our office. So did she. Then she knocked the lid off the printer and started printing stuff. She didn't print the normal test page this time.
Shortly after the guys knocked to paint the door.  I was a little sad because Poly had just gotten comfortable on my lap and she rarely does that anymore.  I locked Poly in the office with me and I didn't want her opening the door to get out this time so I made sure the door latched and I put a stool in front of the door. I did NOT want an escaping cat again.

Poly was a very good kitty just sleeping in the office. If only she was this pleasant on Day 1 of door painting.
At 10:40 I decided it was too quiet and turned on music. To most this might seem like a normal thing but I am pretty sure the last time I turned on music was freshman year of college.  I listened to TV show theme songs then and that is what I'm listening to now.  The other day I found a CD and said "I found my CD." Most people can't say "my CD" they would have to say "one of my CDs" but that is my only one.  After I found it Dave ripped it so it is in iTunes now. I have to play music on his computer since I don't have speakers set up (or well speakers at all). We donated my speakers to Goodwill. They had a subwoofer but were kind of annoying and took up too much room and a subwoofer might not be nice for the neighbors.
I called TruGreen since I got a bill from them for spraying my lawn on June 27 but I cancelled service well before that.  They took care of it. They also told me my confirmation code from the time I called before to cancel in case I get any other bills. The call took only a minute or so. It was so pleasant. Couldn't the benefits center or comcast be like that.
I pretty much felt like I sat at my computer all day and didn't do anything but then I'd look around and I did clean off the table and put stuff away and put stuff on my shelf so maybe I just remember the good times of sitting at my desk.  I took a picture of my to-do list at some point during the day. I love crossing things off. I really like seeing the times though. I'm glad I came across this tablet while unpacking. It is old.
I went to Google for dinner. It was crowded again.  We went to the first cafeteria and it was packed so we went to another one. We ate there. It wasn't that good though so we went back to the first cafeteria and ate a second dinner.

We hit up Lowe's on the way home to return something.
Then we got home and watched Hell's Kitchen.  We watched 2 episodes. It's On Demand so we are able to watch it even though Dave didn't set up the computer so we can tape shows.  I sat with Dave on the chair and a half to try to get him to tickle my back. Then Poly joined him.  So all three of us were on that chair and the couch was empty with nobody on it.  I went to sleep kind of early for me but I woke up so early so I guess it's ok.  I fell asleep before midnight playing Solitaire and didn't move my iPad off the bed until close to 3am.  I moved it after Poly woke me up. I felt like my chest was being smashed and it was Poly on top of me.

Shirt and Cardigan: Limited
Shorts: AE Outfitters
Shoes (flats): Famous Footwear
Shoes: (sandals): Kohl's

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