Monday, July 23, 2012


Going to sleep early kind of worked. I woke up at 7:30 when Dave woke up. I kindly waited for him to be done with the bathroom before doing my stuff so I was a little delayed right there.  Then I thought I'd run. I put on running clothes.  I went and checked my email to find a ton of emails. I LOVE a ton of emails.  Three hours later I was still replying to emails.

Poly was rather annoying. She wanted to play a lot. She kept meowing at me.  This also took up some of my time.
My to do list was sitting there just waiting to be done but I just sat at my computer.  At 11:30 I ate some cereal for lunch.  I was hungry. I figured I shouldn't run when hungry or I might end up lightheaded.

I ironed our bed skirt and it was extremely difficult to put it on the bed myself. It was so hard to lift that mattress up and get it out of the way.  I forgot to take a picture with the bed skirt on. (I know... shocking)

Two different former coworkers emailed me about $139 flights from Pittsburgh to San Francisco. Man I wish someone would visit.
Then sort of after a bit, I started to work on the bedroom. I took all the boxes out of the closet and worked on them but I made a mess everywhere doing this.  At one point everything from one box was all over the bed. I wondered if it counted as unpacking to cross it off my to do list. I went to consult Dave but realized I only had "empty box" on my to do list versus "unpack box" so looks like I got to cross that sucker off.

At 2 they took the plastic off the windows.  Yay for being able to open the windows. They waited a good 28 hours after they put them up.  I think they could have come off earlier but they were busy doing other things.  I had to close the kitchen window today because I couldn't handle the noise. The pounding or nailing outside wasn't good.  They are tearing apart the ceiling right at the end of the stairwell.
I made a big mess of everything then got an email from something on craigslist so I spent the next hour tying up the boxes getting them ready to be carried.  They were late getting here because they got lost. So then I sat there and snacked and watched TV.  With the help of a dolly, it took 2 of us an hour to get all the boxes own to the parking garage.    Now I have more room. Yay.
I was getting a little bit productive and then Dave wanted me to pick him up since he had gone to the gym and felt too gross to sit on the shuttle.  I put on workout clothes as my clothes so we'd be slumming it together. He liked that I did that.  We went to In N Out for dinner.  I always eat too much there and my stomach hurts. It's the milkshake that takes me over the edge.

We went to Safeway on the way home.  They had such a poor dip collection. I wanted Heluva Good dip and never considered that they wouldn't have it around here.  I got so distracted by the poor dip selection that I took a picture and texted it to my brother and ended up not buying any dip at all.   I constantly had to remind Dave not to buy a ton of food because Google provides him with 2 meals a day 5 days a week and a third meal if he sticks around for dinner.
After we got home, I made Dave go through this one drawer set of garage stuff to make sure we didn't need anything in the apartment. Then we watched some TV until Dave fell asleep.  I watched TV a little longer while playing Solitaire and then went to sleep. I was falling asleep around 11 on the couch but played Solitaire in bed until after 11:30.

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