Friday, July 27, 2012


I started yet another day at my computer.  I was going to go for a run but my allergies were so bad that I wasn't having a fun time breathing. I was also sneezing and kept rubbing my eyes.
I hung up 2 pictures. I decided not to hang back up all my other pictures. I was short on room but I also thought that I should have new pictures on my walls. I compared it to my cube wall and every time I moved cube walls I put up newer pictures.

I met someone to sell our living room tables.  I had them on Craigslist before we moved but in a couple days nobody was interested in them all so we moved them. The guy took 20 minutes to analyze them. Then he called his wife. She said she trusted his judgement.  After all that I didn't want to deal with that again so I took his lower offer.
Then I went to google to eat lunch with Dave. It was pretty nice. We grabbed pizza first and ate that while in the Chinese food line. Other people did the same thing. The food was good but man was my mouth on fire. Dave was even coughing because it was hot for him.  He said it's not usually that spicy.  We needed something to remove the fire from our mouths so we got more food. We got fries and a hot dog. We split the hot dog.  Then I got a peanut butter and jam brownie bar. It had raspberry jam and was pretty good.  Next we went to some smoothie place and got smoothies.

It was practically 2 when I got home and I figured that was bad news bears for completing everything on my to-do list so I sat at my computer and picked the important one... applying for more jobs.
I did a little more organizing in the bedroom and living room but I also made a mess too.
I had leftovers for dinner but know Dave hates the smell of reheated pasta sauce so I ate before he got home. Then I ate some leftover tuna salad. Then I ate some pretzel crisps with pub cheese. I ate for a solid 2 hours.  No wonder my shorts got tighter.
We carried a few boxes down to storage. There is still a stack of more right in our entry way. We need to carry those down plus a mirror, big picture, and table top.
Dave stayed up late on his computer so I stayed up even though I wanted to go to be. I also stayed up but I decided to work on things on my to-do list. I helped greatly increase my % complete by deciding to be productive at the end of the day.  I updated my calendar site so now everyone can see that I just rotate the same 5 things.
Tank: F21, Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters
I actually wore my gladiator sandals when I was out in public but once we got home I changed into more practical shoes for unpacking.

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