Saturday, July 28, 2012


I had intentions of waking up early and getting 3 things done by 10. Well that didn't happen.

We finally left the house at 10:45 and got donuts. We went to a park and ate a couple then we went to storage to put a few things in and take out the empty boxes that we don't need to keep.  At the park this couple was doing weird things. Then other couples joined them. We almost didn't want to leave just so see what they were up to.

We came home and started using our computers. It was some stupid starcraft tournament so Dave couldn't be bothered to be productive.

At 1:30 he said it was snack time and went and got a snack. I tried to inform him it was lunch time but that didn't work.
Around 2, Dave could see I was getting upset that he doesn't want to help with anything. So he decided to get up and do something. He CLAIMED he was helping ME unpack so that made me mad. It is our stuff. We are both home on the weekends. It's not my job to do 100% of everything here. There are things that he does or that we'd both do because they are 2 man jobs. Also there are things that sit around waiting for him so I can get his opinion.  We did clean up the family room a bit. Dave thought everything looks fine and he's cool with how it all is so he doesn't seem motivated but I can't stand it. I used to be messier but after having our house on the market for a month, I learned what it was like to have everything neat and I was just a lot more pleasant. Dave gets to leave the house and be somewhere else where it is nice and neat while I'm  here with the mess. Once I was just complaining about all that we did a few things to make some progress. We hooked up the TV in the bedroom so we can get rid of the big TV box.
I started eating lunch at 3:00 PM.  I was watching the Starcraft thing with Dave but also playing solitaire on my ipad.  Dave fell asleep so then I did. At 5:30 I woke up to find that I had been tagged in a facebook photo and that it was after 5pm so we slept through the hours of the recycling place.  That made me mad. The car has boxes in it that need to be recycled.  The house has more stuff in it to be recycled that would fit in the car still. Then we have stuff in the apartment that has to go to the storage unit but we need to recycle the stuff in the car first.  We also have a box and a vacuum that has to go to Goodwill.  We can't do 2 of the trips until we do the recycle trip. Once we do all three, we will have some walking room in the apartment. I have a stack of boxes up beside the TV full of packing paper. We need to recycle that paper and the boxes.

After I woke up from my nap I continue to play Solitaire in a half asleep state and watch the local news. I like the local news so I can just learn some local things. Then after that I watched 20 minutes of some show all about the Giants. I decided that was enough and went in to my computer.
I talked Dave into going to Baylands Trail (or Bay Trail) with me to see what it is or how it is to try together.  I was scared to go myself first.  We walked .93 miles then turned around.  But we really didn't do the right loop and we did the entire one portion we were on.  I'm not sure if I'll get used to running not on pavement. But I did see a map and they have a 4.5 mile loop so that might be good.
We picked up dinner on the way home from Slice of Italy.  Dave said he read up on them and people raved about the meatballs. I have been looking for replacement meatballs for Aviva. I miss Aviva.  Well we got it and Dave said it was really good but I didn't like it.  At least we also got Pizza so I ate that.  At the restaurant the large box was labeled "Feeds 3-4" and then really small it said "Maybe 5" Well I ate 3/8 of that pizza myself.   We watched a few episode of Hell's Kitchen.

Then Dave went to bed but I decided to try to do some things on my to-do list since I had only done 6/36 and that's my lowest completion raw number and my lowest % completion so I did not want that.  At least one line item was to blog 2 posts and another was to make collages for 2 dates so I could do those before bed.

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