Thursday, July 26, 2012


We went to Baja Fresh for lunch. I get the same thing every time.  This time I ran out of chips for my salsa verde so I dipped my quesadilla in it. I loved it. Guess I'll dip it in all the time now.
On our way back from lunch Dave drove and I walked. I won but it was close.  He said we weren't racing but I said we were.

We finally got our own car back!
We went to recycling to get rid of the boxes filled with paper.  We also went to the storage unit to show Dave how the movers packed it.
We watched some TV after we got the TV hooked up and we said that was a bad thing to get it hooked up. Now it was easier for us to slack off.
Poly was putting on her cute face.  She didn't want us to go to dinner.
We went to PF Chang's for dinner. I wanted Chang's Spicy Chicken. Dave wanted something else and wanted to share. That's never fair. I never want what he gets and I just get less chicken.   The waitress asked us if we wanted more rice. Who knew they'd give you more rice. I always conserve the rice to make it last.

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