Sunday, July 8, 2012


I woke up around 8:15.  Then we got to doing some more stuff to set up the computers.  Each night it seems Poly takes her ponytail holder chain under the bed.  The one of it always sticks out so we are on to her.

I showered and am really glad the one room that is done is the bathroom. It is just so pleasant in there. 
Then I did some unpacking and putting stuff on my shelves. 
Dave got a phone call and Poly tried to get comfortable on him and finally did.
Before we knew it, it was lunch time.  We took some boxes to storage and took 5 boxes worth to Goodwill.  Then we headed to Ikea. We ate lunch at this Togo sandwich place. I didn't like it. Then we went to Ikea.  They didn't have the one size table in birch so we got one white and one black/brown instead.  If I would have known we'd get white, I could have used my old white desk table instead of Dave's birch one. Oh well. 
We were almost home when we remembered we had to go to Lowe's and Micro Center.  So we back tracked a bit but still Lowe's was maybe 4 minutes away and Micro Center was 8 minutes more.  Micro Center had what we needed but it was a lot more expensive than online so we decided to wait to get them in the mail.  The one monitor cord was $20 there and it was ~$4 online.
We got home and put together the tables. We then mounted Dave's 2 book shelves and added the shelf extenders.  We decided to head to dinner before mounting my shelves. We have to move everything off of mine first and knew it'd be too late for dinner by that point. 
We walked to Pizza My Heart.  Then we went to some ice cream place and after a few minutes in line decided to leave and walk (much further) to another one.  The other one was so good. I got strawberries in my frozen yogurt for the first time besides at an amusement park.  I only ever get 1 topping at a time. I never mix toppings I like.  Most often I get butterfinger but I have been known to get oreos or peanut butter and rarely sprinkles. Never anything else though.  Always vanilla yogurt too. 
I took all these pictures for my mom on our way to get ice cream
Then we walked to Target. It was just a few minutes further.  We really need to find all our canvas bags from the garage.  We have this one target bag that folds up. I want to keep that in my purse just in case. I just need to find it first.  We only bought enough just to carry.  Dave got licorice. I got lipstick. We both got trail mix. 

The walk home was fairly quick. We stopped at the ATM on the way back too. 

We got back too late to mount my shelves so we just played around on our computers and relaxed.

Dave and I both hit over 10,000 steps today.  That is rare. I usually only hit that much if I went for a longer run back in Pittsburgh.  It's so easy to walk a lot around here.
I put a few pictures on picasa.  You are probably thinking how I'm a month behind on posting and now I post about the day on the day. I know it is crazy.


  1. Welcome to California!!! Sounds like you will love it as much as all of us do. I have lived in California all my life, mostly in Huntington Beach. But when my husband first got out of medical school we lived in Martinez, up in the Bay area. Enjoy the beautiful summer, and I'm glad you didn't quit blogging.

    1. Rosie, have you commented before? How long have you been reading my blog?

      I have had a hard time the past few weeks having time for the computer but still try really hard to hit my 1 post a day and I have been doing that. I may write 3 and then schedule 2 of them to get it done though. Pretty soon I will be catching up and doing 2 a day.

    2. Yes, I have commented a couple of times,once when someone got weird because you wrote about running, even though your blog is called Scrap and RUN. Duh. I'm a long time runner also. I have gone through two major periods in my life when I quit running for some reason. Then when I started up again it was fun again instead of a chore. That's probably what you will find out. I have been reading your blog for about a year. I enjoy it alot because you say all the things I think but I don't have a cat and Dave. I have 3 dogs and my husband Doc, and they get the brunt of my sarcasm.

    3. Now I remember. I wish I knew of a way if there is a way to search comments from people.

      I have always been a dog person over a cat person but I didn't want to get a dog and then leave the dog all day while I work.

      Sometimes running gets to be a chore and those are probably the times that I just become a slacker about it.

      I'm glad someone said I say things they think. Usually I figure I say things that people think are boring or that they don't care about.

      BTW almost a year ago my site was on where a person complained about it and I still get hits (maybe a couple a week) from that.

    4. Actually, GOMI is how I found your blog. I go there every now and then to see who they are snarking on. I have found a couple of my favorite blogs by doing that. I guess it's really true - one man's trash is another man's treasure. Maybe the GOMI guys need to get a life. Hey - why don't THEY start running, and then they will have less time to be mean to others. Go to Trader Joe's - I think you will like it, although I always end up with a cart full of candy and liquor.

    5. Man that is so funny that is how you found my blog. I know on that comment thread some people checked out my blog for the first time and then defended it. Maybe I picked up a bunch of readers from it. I just find it odd that a September page is still directing traffic to me.