Thursday, July 12, 2012

Canvas Bags

Poly loves to sleep on canvas bags.  Lately she doesn't get any to use because there isn't floor space and we have to use the canvas bags to shop.  Well the past 2 days she has been trying to make do with a paper towel she found on the floor.   Just look at her on that thing.

Just for comparison, here are a few older pictures of her enjoying various canvas bags.

June 26, she found the bag on the counter that didn't make it's way back to the car yet.
May 18 - She knocked this bag of bags off the sofa table so she could use the bag.

April 23
April 21
I have way more bag pictures but I'll stop.

And some other pictures of her pretending she's on a bag or just trying to make do with what she has.
 This was July 2. Actually here she was trying to make it so I wouldn't pack up the suitcase.
This was June 30. She did get in/on the bag but I did not get a picture of that. 
This was June 28 and she was using the power cord as a pillow.
June 27 - Plastic JCP bag

June 25 - her scratching thing

June 23 - Receipts


  1. This is awesome. I laughed out loud!

    1. Nice.
      I was looking for other pictures of her in/on canvas bags. She loves them but realized I have too many pictures here already.