Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Recent Runs

So I have run 2 times in the past month. This is not good at all.  I figured I'd post some data from them.  It was sunny both days. Both runs felt hard but the 3 mile run was much harder than the 2.5 mile run.  The 8.33 is deceiving on the 3 mile run because the Garmin thought I started at the wrong point so it gave me my .25 beep a little too early. My goal was 9:00 miles both days.

For the 3 mile run I was not getting bonus seconds at all. I would get penalty seconds. I did not like that.
(It's been so long since I wrote about bonus seconds I will explain them just in case you forget.  If my goal is 9:00 miles then my Garmin will beep every .25 mi so I need my Garmin to be at 2:15. If I hit 2:14 I get 1 bonus second. If I hit 2:05, I get 10 bonus seconds.  Bonus seconds are what I want. I add them up.  But then if I get 2:20, I get 5 penalty seconds. I subtract those off of my bonus seconds.  So if I had 10 bonus seconds and got 5 penalty seconds I am left with 5 bonus seconds. As long as bonus seconds are positive, I'm happy.  When the penalty seconds add up that I have to remember penalty seconds versus bonus seconds is when I hate it and that is what happened for my 3 mile run.   Sometimes after a mile or after 2 miles I wipe the bonus seconds slate clean but that is only if I have bonus seconds not if I have penalty seconds.  I do math in my  head the entire time I run.)

I really meant to run daily or almost daily after June 29 but I haven't run a single time. I am a big slacker and need to get back into running.  At least with all this time off maybe my hip and knee won't hurt anymore.

The elevation profile is the weirdest thing I ever saw. It is so flat around here. I dug up an old elevation profile on my blog from what I considered a flat race. I copied it below. Just compare the scales.

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