Saturday, August 4, 2012


I finally wore my Google shirt that Dave bought me.
Well I woke up and I still didn't feel well so I relaxed in bed with Poly. I used my computer a little but then got my iPad and just played solitaire. I got out of bed around 11.  Every now and then I'd think I was feeling better and go to do something productive but movement made me feel my stomach ache again.

I watched Hot Rod on comedy central. I watched MSNBC.  I didn't even use a laptop while watching these things.
Around 4:30, I felt better so then I started organizing the office closet. All the boxes in the way made it impossible to put anything on the shelves.

At 5:15, Dave and I decided we'd go to dinner so I had to get dressed. I didn't want to drive so I walked.  I  met him at the cheesesteak place.  I didn't order much because of my stomach. While I was eating, I sure loved it. I even thought it tasted better than last time.  I was a little sad I didn't order more.
We went to storage to take the TV box and a few other things.

After we got home, I probably snacked for an hour too. Then my stomach was slightly upset again.  Dave and I watched Hell's Kitchen  and The Rachel Maddow Show. Then Dave went to use his computer and I watched a couple more hours of political shows. I couldn't bring myself to turn them off.

There was a brief pause where I gave Dave his birthday present (a day early).

I almost went to bed but I was raring to go so I read facebook for awhile and then blogged and made collages for the blog.


  1. What fun stuff did Dave get for an early birthday present?

    Cool shirt.

    1. Just clothes. But for him when he actually doesn't have to go shopping for it himself he really likes it. I did accidentally buy him the same shirt he already had so I had to go return that.