Sunday, August 5, 2012


I hit snooze. Poly meowed at me the 2nd time I hit it. She doesn't like me sleeping my day away either.  I was going to run right away but my allergies are quite annoying in the morning so I did some email until about 10:30.
I went for my run but I stood outside for about 15 minutes trying to get the Garmin to acquire a GPS signal. I walked a half mile in the 15 minutes hoping another spot would work. Finally I just had to run w/o the GPS. I did note the time I started running and the time I stopped.  I was originally going to do mile repeats with a half mile jog in between. I have never done that before. I needed a Garmin for that because I don't have mile or half mile segments blocked off. Well instead of doing that I ran for 20 minutes. I thought it was about 2 miles but it was just 1.85 according to map my run.  I couldn't map out the park exactly as I did it so the 1.85 isn't even right.  What's worse than not having my data is that I fear my Garmin won't work  next time or the following time.

I got back showered, ate lunch, and started watching TV.  Here and there I paused Necessary Roughness to do something then I'd get back to it. I watched 4 episodes. I'm a little mad I missed the first episode of the season.
I left a little after 5 to go to temp housing to pick up a book Dave had ordered and delivered there by mistake.  Dave took the Google shuttle there and we went to dinner together.  We went to Tomatina for dinner then Cold Stone for dessert.  We got home and used our computers and I kept getting up to accomplish some things. I vacuumed!


  1. Great color combination. I love the photos of your cat. So cute.

    1. Thanks. I find pink and turquoise easy to match with each other other things but other bright colors just aren't as fun for me.