Monday, August 6, 2012


Tank: Loft, Shorts: American Eagle, Jeans: Express, Jacket: NY&Co
I set my alarm for 8:30. I hit snooze until 9:30.  At one point Dave woke me up saying if we went to the movies before noon it was cheaper. I told him I was going to run but I'd put it off until evening.

When I finally woke up, I started setting up a virtual machine of linux on my computer and then installed SQL.  Then we used the computer more and before we knew it, it was too close to noon so we never went to the movies.  I not only didn't run then I didn't go to the movies.

We finally hung up the big pictures!
We started organizing the closet. Or at least I did. I found Dave's middle school yearbook so he spent time going through that.   We watched a bunch of TV.
We went to Pasta Pomodora for dinner. The place is so close to our apartment and we hadn't gone yet.  It was so small inside. The table next to us was less than a foot away from us.  The people there were so weird. I think they were mother and son but the sone was in his 20s.  They were all impatient that they wanted their check so they could leave. The lady got out her ipad and played Plants versus Zombies.  The check got to the table and they ignored it for many minutes.  I couldn't believe it after the fuss they were making to get it.
We got home and watched AGT.  I think we watched 4 episodes.  It was fun to relax especially during the last episode when Poly decided to hang out on my lap versus in a canvas bag.  All that wasn't good for my productivity on my to-do list. At least I was able to blog while watching AGT to get some of it taken care of.

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