Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I used to like this shirt but now the ruffles make me feel fatter than I am. I could gain 15 lbs and still fit underneath it.  Actually I think I liked the shirt back when I was heavier and none of my other clothes were fitting.  These shorts are so old. I found them. They fit. I wore them. They are an older style with the pockets on the outside but I can't wear my other pair of blue jean shorts all the time so I forced myself to wear these old ones. Plus the shirt is so long you can't tell much of anything.
I woke up and wasted so much time it was hot out. I wanted to run but it was too hot. I wanted to shower but not until after I ran. After awhile I realized that wasn't going to work.  I really didn't waste time in the morning. I made phone calls. I talked to Garmin customer support to get my watch working again.

I ended up going to JCP to return some things for Dave then to Target to return some things there. I did shop around a bit in both stores but didn't buy anything.
I went to the apartment complex pool. I also read a little.  Neither of these things were on my to-do list.

I cooked dinner!
Since I didn't run during the day, I went for a quick run in the evening.  It was so pleasant. The sun wasn't out. The temperature was warmer than I had been running but without the sun it felt chilly.   Before and after the run, I watched TV with Dave.


  1. The shorts look just fine and super pet you have.

    1. They look alright with this shirt. We'll see if they do in future outfits. http://colleen.akwire.net/_clothes/?year=2012&month=8 shows another time on August 1. Once I catch up on the site, there will be more and that's the easiest way to quickly check what all I wore/when.

  2. Got ya and I'm sure they will with future outfits too.