Saturday, August 25, 2012


I woke up at 7. Well Dave woke me up at 7 trying to show me an email on my phone. He had a hunch so he checked my email and sure enough I did have an email from the recruiter wanting to schedule my on-site interview.

I worked out with Dave.  Got back, drank water, and ate half a protein bar.  I knew I was weak from the lack of food on the 16th.    Then I set out and ran 7 miles. They were 7 awful miles.
I used my computer when I got back but ended up lightheaded.  I ate a frozen dinner of macaroni and cheese for lunch.  I watched Necessary Roughness.  I did laundry.

I did a few things on my to-do list. I read facebook. I read Big Brother feed updates.  I played with data in R.  Man did I have fun with that.  There will be a post with those eventually. I just want to make some improvements and fill in some missing data.

At 5:45 Dave IMed me. I asked him if he was home. I thought he would be. I was just getting ready to stalk him on my phone (Find my Friends app).  This was the conversation that followed:
(5:49:53 PM) Dave: it's friday remember
(5:50:04 PM) gmail: oh
(5:50:05 PM) Dave: but i didn't go back to my desk
(5:50:06 PM) gmail: nope
(5:50:07 PM) gmail: i didn't know
(5:50:14 PM) Dave: you didn't know it's friday?
(5:50:21 PM) gmail: no wonder someone asked me what my plans are for the weekend
(5:50:27 PM) Dave: look at you
(5:50:32 PM) Dave: unemployed and fancy free
(5:50:37 PM) gmail: here i was thinking i had to finish playing with data because you'd be home
(5:50:50 PM) Dave: lol
Dave and I met at Five Guys for dinner.  As soon as we got home, we watched Big Brother.

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