Thursday, August 9, 2012

8.2 - Cooked

I woke up and immediately got dressed to run. I thought  maybe I wouldn't run on an empty stomach so thought I'd eat first and do some things on my to-do list. Well I forgot to eat but did a lot on my to-do list.
Poly was super annoying. Meowing at me. Very uneasy. Wanting constant attention.  The car horn was super annoying too. (This video is of Poly at her most well behaved point all day.)
At 2pm I still hadn't gone running but I decided to eat some banana bread before going out to run.  I ate the banana bread. I didn't run.
Around 4 I went to the gym to lift weights.
I cooked dinner (without a recipe). It's probably the first time I made anything without a recipe.  The onions seemed to disappear when cooked but I didn't mind since I barely like them anyway.  I don't like 45 minute rice. It takes too long and if you screw up you sure don't have enough time to try again.

I snacked and we watched TV and then I finally went for my run.

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