Thursday, August 9, 2012


My day started slow and sluggish. Poly was asleep at the foot of the bed so I used my laptop in bed. I got up at 11 or so to get dressed. I went to lunch at Google.
Man was the cake amazing.  I had 3 over-sized portions.  Vanilla Cake + whip Cream + strawberries in a marsala glaze sauce. It was the best. The actual cake was even super amazing without the toppings. That's the 2nd cake with fruit I've liked. I can never say I don't like cake with fruit. I had to stop saying that on July 4 but now I really have to stop.
I got home and was slightly productive in all rooms of the house. I unpacked a few boxes from the office closet. I unpacked a box in the master bedroom. Best of all I found the JCP receipt so now we can return Dave shirts. I also cleaned up some crap in the kitchen. There is still a little shoe box of some stuff I don't know what to do it. It has some stuff that used to be in our junk drawer in the kitchen but we don't have the luxury of that drawer anymore. I moved the tool box in the master bedroom so now I can access my night stand drawers. I think some of the junk has been in there for 5 years.

I picked Dave up at Google and man security was tight. We headed to BJ's to meet some extended family for dinner.  Man that was fun. We were at dinner 2.5 hours.  It was only the 3rd time I met them or maybe the 2nd.  The other 2 days were in August 2009 2 days in a row. I was guessing August 16 but it was August 15. I just had to dig through some pictures to find out. It's funny I remembered August 16 which was the 2nd day in a row of us together but not pictures from that day but I didn't know which year.    I really enjoyed spending time with people.  I really need to meet people. Being alone all day and only socializing with Dave is no good.

As soon as we got home, I realized we forgot to go to JCP to return the shirts. We had dinner really close to JCP and I had the shirts in the car but then I forgot.

We watched Big Brother and some of the Olympics then it was time for bed.  I don't know how I feel about the coaches entering the game. I like that the teams are on more but I don't like it. Also I feel bad for Shane not really getting a real HoH so 2 wins for nothing.   I'm mad at Shane for going against Frank. I miss Big Brother 1.  I remember more about that season than any other season. I can't believe that was 12 years ago.

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