Thursday, August 9, 2012


The day started out with a run with Hilary. This would have been awesome if my Garmin would have worked.  I had a fear it wouldn't work too and almost took Dave's with me but then I didn't thinking I was too pessimistic.   We ran 4 miles. Then we went home, got our husbands, and went to breakfast.  Yay for socializing.

I can't remember if we left the house or not all afternoon and I'm writing this less than 24 hours later.  I watched some TV near dinner time.  

Then later on I watched In Plain Sight and saw the last 3 episodes of that to finish that series.  They gave me some closure but I felt like I wanted more. While watching TV, I started using my computer but I actually got sick of the thing. I never thought I'd see that happen. Then I went to focusing all my attention to TV. That doesn't really work so I thought a lot. I didn't like that so much.

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