Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8.7 - Bye Baja Fresh

I spent my morning nervous. I had a phone screen* for a job and was stressing out.  After it, I didn't want to sit at my computer so I just watched some TV.

We went to go to Baja Fresh for dinner and it was closed!  We went over to Pizza My Heart instead but man am I upset about Baja Fresh. It was still opened last week.  Dave walked by it the past 2 days but doesn't look at it so doesn't know if it was closed yesterday or not. Sad times.

Dave and I went for a 2 mile walk. It was so close to dark that it was chilly. I wished I had on long sleeves. This time of year in PA, I would have still been warm.

We watched MasterChef then I went to do some learning. SQL seems fun.

*I was told for the phone screen the manager would get back to her in about 48 hours but not more than a week. I learned just a few hours later that I now will be scheduling an interview!

**  I took some pictures on my phone but can't get them to load. The main point of them is about a house for sale near me. It is 1.12 million for 2100 sq feet. It's not even one of the most expensive ones around. It is actually one of the bigger ones.  The picture of the "formal dining room" shows a table in the middle that seats 2.


  1. Sorry you baja went away. :(
    What do you think the temp was when you were on your walk?

    1. It was probably 60 or so. I never check because everyday the weather is the same. It just feels cooler as soon as the sun goes down around here.

  2. Congratulations on your interview! Good luck :)

    1. Thanks. The more information I get about it, the more I second guess myself.

  3. That sucks about Baja Fresh!

    But, I am SO excited for your interview. :)

    Also, that's interesting about the house! I can't imagine a formal dining room like that for that much money. Our house is bigger than that and was less than $140k. Craziness.

    1. I know


      Well there was some dead space in the dining room. There was a china closet but really who has a table that seats 2 in a formal dining room? The paper I picked up has 2 pictures of the park on it. I'd rather see more of the house.