Friday, August 10, 2012


I spent all day reading an SQL book and a Data Analysis book besides when I ate lunch, went to dinner, and when I watched Big Brother.

My allergies were so bad in the morning, I actually took an allergy pill.
I got another picture with Poly going deeper but this one is the worst. It was dark, the flash didn't go off and Poly moved by the time the camera thought it would take the picture.You can barely tell that in the first picture she is looking at my monitor that has a picture of her in photoshop.
At one point, I kept mumbling to myself wondering where my iPad was and then the next minute, Poly told me.
Late at night, Poly sat on my book. I guess she was telling me that I was done with that for the night. I thought she meant it was time for bed but she just wanted me to quit that.