Friday, August 17, 2012

How I Document My Runs

I run wearing my Garmin watch if at all possible. I upload to the standard site.
I view my data on the site and click on "Splits" in the upper right corner. 

I then copy and paste that into a new tab in excel. I have a file for each year and a tab for each date.  I also have a few summary pages too.
Once I copy the data in, I run an excel macro that I recently created. I made a video of myself completing the macro. I should look into a way to record what my screen is doing. It is all very quick.  Once I run the macro I have the summary columns on the right and the detailed summary below the data.
I am not the best at macros so I still have to do a few things manually. I manually have to update A25 and A26. The macro doesn't know what type of run it was or the weather.  In addition to that if the last line of data from the Garmin has less than a minute, I have to go manually add a 0 before the number.  It will say ":56" instead of "0:56" so then it doesn't register. I will figure out how to have the macro do this but right now I do not.  I also have a few macros based on the mileage but I will have the macro figure that out too.  If it is between 3 and 4 miles, I run a different macro than between 4 and 5 miles. I also have to confirm that the best split does not take into account the last split that is less than .25.

I  then highlight the summary table and print it to Snagit. I crop it down and save it for my blog posts.
I used to save as html but I didn't like that as much because I couldn't put it to the right or left of text that way.
This is what the macro looks like that I used above.  I copy and pasted data from another tab and recorded the macro. Then I went in to update the macro so it would always paste to the current sheet. I also added the end statements to make the 3.15 mi cell update to the actual portion of the mile I completed.  I might not have done it the best way, but it gets the job done.   (You can hit Alt + F11 to view the macro you have. You can also hit Alt + F8 to run a macro.)

In my main summary tab, I document the date, time, distance, who I ran with, type of run, description and location.  I also have target pace and distance but don't always have those filled out.    The file creates mile pace and projected finish at current pace for a bunch of different long races.

I have another tab that has the weekly mileage totals. I also have 2010 and 2011 off to the right of my 2012 data for some quick comparisons.

I have a monthly mileage totals tab too.  I also have my Goals for each month too.  I have 2011 monthly totals on this sheet as well.

I also have a tab comparing marathon training at different times so I can compare week 10 to week 10 in training to see how that goes.  I also have off to the far right my half marathon training in 2010.  I ran more for the half than I did for a marathon. I'm the worst at training.

How do you keep track of your running miles?  Do you even keep track?


  1. Wow,
    I'm impressed. This shows you are dedicated to running. Your going to laugh but I only use a free app I've downloaded for my phone to keep track of my miles.

    1. I used a free app for the first year plus. I just used a stop watch for awhile too and I'd hit split at each street turn and then looked at mapmyrun online to find out the distance I was on each street and typed it all in that way.

      Free apps have improved greatly over the past 2 years so I think they'd be better now. I used mapmyrun but I know even though they have improved over the years that other ones are as good/better. What app do you use?

    2. Well I use mapmyrun. It's odd sometimes, if I use a stop watch too the times may be off by twenty seconds. Why one time two of us ran and my time was slower on my app and we both started and finish at the same time. Maybe it's the GPS signal or something.
      I do enjoy reading about your runs and what you do to get ready. Good Job.

  2. Wow! That's pretty intense. I used to use Dailymile to keep track of things, then I used RunningAhead, now I just loosely keep track in Google Calendar. I still use my Garmin for most runs, but I don't have the time or the desire to keep track of every detail - even though I know I'll regret it later, because I while I don't like tracking my runs, I love looking back on them. I need someone to do all of this for me! :)

    1. I used daily mile for about a day but couldn't handle it. It wasn't specific enough and seemed to round.

      I also made a RunningAhead profile once. I think that's the one you can upload the Garmin data to? I upload to Garmin connect. You can actually view calendars in there to see total miles and stuff. I thin it does weekly. But it wasn't enough (of course) for me. Dave just uses that to keep track of his.

      I didn't document all of April/May and I'm kicking myself now. I can go back and look at the Garmin data to get it for at least the summaries. Just wait a few days and you'll see a post on some recent scatter plots I've made. I have to fill in April/May and replot before I'll post. Hopefully I do it soon.