Sunday, August 5, 2012


So I randomly found a Photoshop tutorial on youtube. I gave it a shot with a picture that was showing up in my picasa at the time. I probably should have gone through at least a few pictures to find the best one but oh well. It's from May 3.
Here's the before and after.  This is what I'd look like without huge bags under my eyes I guess.   I want to do it again and pick a picture where I have more eye make-up on and see how that one looks.

It probably took me 30 minutes and I was constantly pausing her video.
I think I look too fake without all my lines but it was still fun to do. I didn't even take them all out.  The after pictures look more like me in 2005.
But then again here's a picture from March 18, 2012 and I don't seem to have all the bags under my eyes. (I didn't edit this photo at all.) And it is a coincidence I'm wearing the same shirt.

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