Monday, September 3, 2012


Shirt: Gap
Pants: Indi
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Shoes: Famous Footwear

The shirt is a little bit weird but it worked out great because it was so loose around the gut that you couldn't see a belt buckle lump.
In bed, Poly was sleeping at my feet. I debated staying in bed so she wouldn't annoy me but I actually got up.  Then when I got up, all Poly did was annoy me. She kept pawing at me and meowing at me.  I even fed her early. She just would not let up.  I played with her too.

When I went to eat lunch, I ate on the couch and Poly went up on the other couch cushion and she was a perfect angel.  Is she trying to get me to watch more TV?
I got up to try to be productive and Poly got up to be annoying again.  I was about to get up from my computer to do other things on my to-do list and Poly got on my lap.  I didn't want her to annoy me so I just let her nap on me for a few hours.

I added some layers to my hair but since the longest length is still the same it is hard to tell. I need to get a real hair cut.
I watched more TV in the evening and ended up staying up late (3am)

My camera remote won't work at all. My cheap camera remote that doesn't also focus is missing but at least when I find that one, it will work. 

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