Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photoshop Actions

I found an old email that I sent to myself with some photoshop actions. I downloaded a few and tried them out.  In the past I've used Actions from Pioneer Woman. These are from some random site that shows you 40 vintage + retro actions. About half of them no longer work.  One of them linked to another site with a ton.  Actions are cool because you just click once and you get some effect.  Sometimes it's not the effect you want so you just undo that and click another button. It is still easier than trying to figure something out on your own.  So far I have liked Pioneer Woman's the best because she has all the actions grouped and she names them better than "Action 1" and "Action 2."

I think the HDR one looks cool in a this picture looks fake kind of way.

The top left photo is the original and it was taken on September 2.

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