Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Shirt: VS, Jeans: F21, Belt: Kohl's, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Earrings: Target
I need better shoes.

I woke up and ran. Well waking up was a little rough. I set a few alarms and even set the timer on my phone. I just wanted to keep sleeping.

I got home and analyzed some data and then decided to go lift weights before showering. I might as well get 2 workouts in for 1 shower.  Not eating at all wasn't the best idea so the last few things I did, I only did one set.
We went out to lunch and went to Baja Fresh. I miss the Baja Fresh close to our apartment. They are putting in a Boudin where it used to be.  Then we went to Walmart to see if they had foods that Safeway, Target, Lucky, Sprouts, and Whole Foods don't have. Walmart was the worst. It is not worth it. They didn't really have different stuff anyway.  We went to Whole Foods after.  I got home and had to rest on the couch for a few hours to recover from Walmart.  Walmart was too crowded. If I never go back, I'd be fine with it.
I watched a few episodes of Psych.  Dave went and picked up pizza and we watched the Steeler game.  I cannot believe how the Steelers suck this year.  They won but the first half just made me scared the entire time. I was scared for every play.

Evening football is so much better on the West Coast. It doesn't end so late.  I still watched TV after.


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    1. Thanks. the plaid is so comfortable it makes me want more.

    2. You seem to buy a lot from VS. Do you find that their stuff is pretty good?

    3. I order from them a couple times a year. I have not liked maybe 3 things I got from them. Their yoga pants were the first ones I could get long enough so I'm partial to them. Their dress pants are awesome as long as you get the kind that don't need to be ironed. I'd say I've been happy with 75% of the shirts. but if you think about how you can't see anything in person i think that's a pretty good percentage. I did some research and people have said that their sleeve length is long so that is why I've tried them. I usually wait for deals and free shipping so it isn't as bad.

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    1. Thanks. I'm not really as fit as I used to be but I know how to use the pictures where you can't tell as much.