Monday, October 8, 2012

9.13 and 9.14

I woke up near 9 and started watching Dawson's Creek in bed.  Then when my laptop battery got down to 10%, I headed to the living room to plug it in and watch on the TV.  Before I knew it, it was 1 so I had to eat. Then next thing I knew it was 5 and I hadn't run.

Dave texted me that he was going out to dinner with coworkers so I figured I'd keep watching since I was so close to the end of the season.  I ended up not running. I had 1.5 episodes left when Dave got home.  We watched Big Brother and we sat cuddled on the couch where he told me about his day (and his day Wednesday).  I also told him about my day but of course that doesn't take as long.

I watched the rest of Dawson's Creek. I was glad Pacey ended up with Joey. Now that I'm done I can google some things about the show or characters.  Before if I wanted to look something up, I didn't for fear it'd ruin the ending.

I started watching Live Unexpected. I watched both seasons.  I never actually went to sleep.
During the day on Friday I did some productive things but still watched a ton of TV. I saw season 2 of Life Unexpected before so I could do other stuff at the same time more than usual. I stayed up past 11 PM. That's my second all nighter ever. Both for no good reasons.
At one point during the day I heard fire whistles and I thought they were close. I peaked outside.  I saw the start of the fire before the fire trucks showed up.  I took some pictures but had to go back inside because I didn't like breathing the smoke. I went back outside a few more times and took some other pictures.

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  1. I like to make a suggestion if I may. Try doing your form roller exercises during TV. It was on your workout goals and it shouldn't be to hard to position yourself to watch the show while doing it. Just an idea.