Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Birthday (9.30)

For those of you keeping track, I turned 29 at the end of September.  Many people always say they are 29 so maybe I'll be 29 forever.

I watched TV all day. Dave asked if I wanted to go anywhere and I did not. I did request he make me a cake. I also wanted Pizza Hut.  The cake didn't raise as much as normal.  The pizza was not good; It was definitely not double pepperoni and I think they forgot half the cheese.   I did enjoy my leftovers from Tomatina's. Poly hung out with me all day. I like it when she sleeps beside me. Sometimes my arm falls asleep and I can't move it but I still like it.

My birthday was good in that I got to watch TV and that is what I wanted to do but really I would have wanted to do something else but we lack in things to do. We can't spend money. I don't have friends around here. I don't do things anymore. I don't scrapbook or make cards. I want to sew but my sewing machine is somewhere in storage. The apartment always seems to be a mess and I want it to be clean without having to clean it myself.

I have a few store credit cards and they all send me birthday coupons but I couldn't use any of them this year. Well I guess I could have tried to find something for just over $10 and then gotten $10 off of that but you know stores never have things that workout like that so I would have ended up spending a lot more. It was sad to not use them.

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