Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week X of Y Training (10.20 -10.28)

I need to find my race to know what I'm training for and then depending on when that race is, I will know what week into the training I am up to.

Monday: 1.5 mile walk with Dave

Tuesday: Ran then later did weights.  I actually did legs for weights. I haven't done that in awhile but I also added more than I had been doing. I have slowly been adding more so I didn't kill myself with being sore everywhere.

Wednesday: I ran with Hilary.  We did a different loop at Bay Trail and for the last 2 miles of it, the trail had way more stones. It reminded me of running in sand. There was one tire track that had less stones but that's where Hilary ran. I could tell it was winding me a lot more than usual because of how little you actually get to push up.  I guess it made the run seem a lot harder and become a better workout.

Thursday: I worked out for over an hour. I did the elliptical while I read 2 chapters, which took 22 minutes.  Then I did weights. Then I ran 1 mile on the treadmill in 8:13.
BMF during my workout on Thursday

Friday: I only did abs

Saturday: I spent hours walking around a few different malls but I did not actually have a designated workout.

Sunday: I rested. I got a bad blister on my bunion on Saturday and just to bend my foot it hurt.  I didn't even attempt to put a shoe on all day.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this week.

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