Thursday, November 29, 2012

10 Running Questions

My friend, Jen, sent me this blog post with 10 Running Questions and asked if I'd answer them on my blog. I can't turn down a request.  I wouldn't read her answers until I answered my own because I thought her answers might influence mine.

1. Best Run Ever
I have no idea.  The most scenic run was my run in Washington, DC. My 18 mile run with Adrienne and her running group gave me the confidence to do the 20 mile race and the 50k so maybe that is the Best.  Or maybe when I actually placed overall for females in a 5k should be my best.  I like so many runs this is too hard to decide.

2. Three words that describe my Running
sporadic. crazy/insane. Fun.
I have a poor vocabulary so I kept thinking of phrases not words. I came up with 3.  I say sporadic because I go through phases of a good week or month and then almost nothing. Or I skip a week totally.  I say crazy or insane because I put up with pain and keep going nowadays. I say fun because I just like getting out there and doing it. I don't know why but I do.  Back in may I gave a speech on running changing you and there I said how I don't feel a sense of accomplishment when I'm done with a big race. I still have fun though.

3. My go-to running outfit 
Tank top and shorts.  Now the shorts may be capris if it's a little chilly. I also do running skirts.  The tank top is most likely one of my Forever 21 tank tops that cost me 4.80.  When it is chilly, I wear a long sleeve race shirt. (Not the Philly marathon shirt because that wasn't a women's cut so it sucks)  I often think I should get some dry fit tank tops but I am too cheap for that. I always wear Brooks Adrenaline shoes. Right now I have the 11s. I like them better than the 10s. The 10 was tighter at the ankles and gave me bruises/dents.

4. Quirky running habit
Playing bonus seconds/penalty seconds.  I have my Garmin set to .25 intervals. I set goals and if I beat the goal I get bonus seconds. If I'm slower than the goal, I get penalty seconds.  I usually add these up for the mile and hope to end with bonus seconds.  I usually start over at 0 after each mile but sometimes I don't. It depends on my mood.

5. Morning, noon or night? 
Morning. It's too hot at noon. When I worked, it took too much time to run and shower and get back to work.  Evening is good in theory and when I used to prefer it but if I get home from work, usually I need some food in me. If I eat then I get roped into the TV show I watched while I ate, then next thing I know it is too dark.  But I hate mornings too. I do like getting the workout done and out of the way.  Lately 3 PM or 10 am are my common running times but that's just what I do when I have on life.

6. I won't run outside when it's...
35 degrees and rainy. OK I won't do it when it's below 40 and rainy.

7. My worst running injury and how I got over it
I guess it's the trochanteric bursitis in had in the winter/spring.  I would say it is the worst because it was the most painful. But also I was dumb about it and when I was told to rest, I ran a 20 mile race 3 days later. Then I ran a 50k a few weeks later.  It bothered me for over 4 months.  The year before I had a similar injury and went to PT for it and didn't run for awhile. Rest usually heals things. I didn't get to run the marathon in 2011 so maybe I should say that injury was worse because at least I ran all the races I planned to this year.  Both times rest helped. I went to PT in 2011. I did PT type exercises in 2012. But I do think it was the rest that did it. I am probably about to end up with the same type of injury again.

8. I felt most like a badass runner when... 
Never.  I think I felt most accomplished when I finished my first half marathon. I've run further since with better times. Maybe running in the mud with Callie because that's not for the faint of heart. I sure wanted to quit.  I'm not really sure though.

9. Next race is... 
Probably in late February. I haven't decided yet. Maybe a half marathon on February 16

10. Potential running goal for 2013
Running 720 miles. This year my goal was 600 miles with a monthly goal of 60 miles/month. Now if you do the math 60/mo = 720/year but I was taking into account injuries so I'd have some low months or even a month with 0.  For 2013, I hope to actually hit 720. Therefore I'll make my monthly reach goal of 70 miles/mo and hope I hit it enough that I'll get 720 in the year.


  1. Nice! I was definitely interested in how you would respond to these. Thanks!

    So your run in DC, was that by yourself, and were you traveling there for work or something?

    1. Dave and I were there for vacation. I ran by myself. I took the metro to there to start running and took the metro home.