Friday, November 30, 2012


I dressed for fall. I was so hot after I got back home though that I had to put on shorts.  I like this outfit more than I thought I would when picking it out.
Jeans, Sweater, and Necklace: F21, Cardigan and Belt: Target, Boots: Famous Footwear
The highlight of my day was the donuts.  The old fashioned are my favorite.  I eat them weird. I eat the part around the edges that is like a folded part or something. Then I eat the rest of the donut after I've fully circled the donut eating the part that sticks out.


  1. You are adorable, girl! Loving this outfit, so simple!!
    And don't worry, I eat food in a weird way too!
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks. I can't think of other things I eat weird until I go and do it but I think I should mention it in the future just for fun. What do you eat weird?