Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: VS (they are made wrong or something because the seam on the left foot is always twisted near the front and I can't seem to fix it)
Shoes: Kohl's
Necklace: F21

I started my day off with a run. I really did take advantage of the extra hour of sleep from changing the clocks. I wish when we picked the time to run, we would have taken into account the clock change and gone earlier.  It was so exhausting running in the sun. I even got some sunburn. (You can see it in the pictures.)
After I got home, I showered and looked at running data. Then I watched the Steeler Game.  Dave read the newspaper during the entire game.  I can't believe the bad calls the refs had against the Steelers.

Then I watched some more TV.  I just wanted to rest on the couch.

We went to dinner with Hilary and Wes. We took them to BJs. They hadn't been there.  I was already ready for bed by the time it was dinner time. The run was exhausting to Hilary too.

I barely watched any TV after dinner but I did put in laundry for Dave. He claimed he needed jeans. He gave me no warning. I was actually asleep on the couch and had to wake up to fold laundry.  That sucked.


  1. Two things Colleen,
    Like that your putting your run data up more now. It gives me a goal to shoot for even if I'll never come close to you. LOL
    Plus I like your top in the picture.

  2. Thanks. I'm trying to post my run data weekly instead of each time I run. I've been a few days behind in actually posting it though.