Monday, November 5, 2012

Week of working out (10.29-11.4)

I have to look up different races to figure out which one I should start training for.

Monday - Wednesday: I was lazy and didn't workout.

Thursday: I set out to run 3 miles with a goal of 9 minutes. It started off easy and then just got soo hard. I had to really push it to make my goal of 9:00.  But at least I didn't cut the run down to 2 miles like I was considering.

Friday:  I ran 1 mile because I had to go mail my ballot.  I only know where one mailbox is so I ran to that. I had to cross 2 streets and wait for the walk signs. That took forever.  The mailbox was only .31 away so I ran a little more to get to a mile.  I was going for a pace of 10:00 since I ran the day before.

I was going to go lift weights but just before I was leaving, I got an email asking if I wanted to go rock climbing that night. So I did not lift weights and I spent a few hours in the evening rock climbing. Man is that hard. Also it is high. I'm terrified of heights so a few times I retreated back down the wall just because it was too high. I wasn't that good. My legs sure shook the first wall I had to climb up.  When we were almost done, I had to go get my camera as proof that I did it because people who really know me wouldn't believe it.  Dave did tell me if I didn't have the pictures to show him after he wouldn't have believed that I did it.
Saturday:  I didn't workout but I did some shopping with Dave and did burn a decent amount of calories according to my BodyMedia fit. Also I was a little sore from rock climbing. (On Sunday I was even more sore from the rock climbing.)

Sunday:  We started out running slightly over 2 miles before our first run segment. We ran 19 minutes then started walking 1 minute and running 4 minutes.   Once we hit 60 minutes we ran for 3 minutes and walked for 1 minute.  We definitely waited too long to switch to 3:1.  We didn't last long and walked for 2 minutes at a walk segment since we had taken too long to back down.  We only did a few at 3:1 then we went to 2:1.   At 8.25 miles we ran the rest of the way.  It was a really  hard run for me.  It was my longest run since May 6 (the Pittsburgh Marathon)

While running during the intervals, we consistently ran at around at 9:30 pace but our mile times were much slower because of the walking.

Right before we ran, we read some parts in Gallaway's book and he said long runs should be 3:30 slower than your desired 5k pace. That meant we should have been running around an 11:30 pace. Clearly that is too slow but it was good to have that in our mind so I wasn't feeling bad about going so slow. I am so out of shape.  I was hoping we'd finish around 10 minute mile pace and we had that for the first 6 miles.  Maybe next time.  I shouldn't have expected so much considering I haven't had long runs in forever and I barely had short runs and I was still pretty sore from rock climbing.

Looking at the BodyMedia fit data you can even tell when we did intervals.

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