Monday, November 26, 2012

Week of Working Out (11.19-11.25)

Monday: I ran 3.33 miles in the afternoon.  Then later I went to the gym and did 21 minutes on the elliptical, 20 minutes of weights, abs, and stretching.  My legs were very fatigued after it all. 1:25 and almost all focused on my legs.  I was pretty spent by the end of the workout. For weights I can tell I'm way weaker than I used to be.  I've only been doing 2 sets of each exercise instead of 3. I haven't incorporated all of the stuff I used to do either.  In addition to that, I miss not having leg press, abduction, and adduction machines.

Lately the first 2 miles are fine and then I struggle. The third mile was a real struggle to get 9:22. I know I set out to have my goal be 9:30 but since the first 2 miles were better, I didn't want the third mile being totally slow by comparison.

Tuesday:  I walked to Safeway, shopped, and walked back.  Then later I walked to Target with Dave.

Wednesday:  I ran with Hilary after she worked.  We were considering 6 miles but I suggested we cut it short and run extra if we wanted.  I didn't want.  We ran 2.75 miles then we started doing run:walk intervals at 3:1.  For some reason it was a huge struggle for me.  I think because I was still fighting my cold.

Thursday and Friday:  Rest

Saturday:  In the afternoon I went for a walk with Dave.  We did a little run/walk but since it was the first time Dave's run in months we just did a little running.  We did that for 30 minutes.

Later in the day I went to the gym and ran a mile on the treadmill. I was going to run further but my kindle died so I finished the mile and went to weights.  I ran the first .75 at 6.6 mph then I ran at 7.2 mph until .9 and then I finished at 7.6 mph so I ended up hitting 1 mile at 8:53.  My Kindle died just before .75 which is why I sped it up. I did weights for my upper body and abs. The workout at the gym was 36 minutes.   Even with working out twice, I didn't hit my calorie burn goal for the day because the rest of the day was spent sitting on the couch.

Sunday: I put on workout clothes but didn't end up working out until after dark so I went to the gym.  I ran 2 miles on the treadmill. Then I did weights for my legs and abs.  I felt like I could have done a little more so I decided to do another half mile at the end for a little more mileage.

I ran the entire first 2 miles at 6.6 mph while reading.  During my second time running I ran .25 at 8 mph and .25 at 6.6 mph.   My total run time was 22:27.   My total workout time counting stretching was 53 minutes.

Summary: Overall I'm impressed with my mileage considering I felt like a slacker all week.  I only lifted weights twice but that is better than nothing.  I haven't been dropping any of the weight I gained which is a little shocking to me. I still haven't decided on a race but I've found some that I want to do. I might make a training plan for the soonest one and then revise my plan if I pick a different one.

If I would have realized I was so close to 12 miles, I would have ran another minute on the treadmill just to hit it this week.
I guess not losing any weight makes sense since I documented my calories. I did round up sometimes I guessed but it sure looks like I consumed more than I ate, just barely. My weight was  exactly the same on the 19th and on the 26th (136.9).  (In mid September I was over 10 lbs lighter. That is why I changed my calorie intake to be 500less a day. I figure if I gained weight in 2 months I should lose it before my body gets too used to it. Plus my clothes don't fit me anymore.)
I was pretty close to my goal of 1:30. My 2 total rest days really were rest. I didn't even walk to a store or something.  Next week I will kill my goals because on Saturday and Sunday I will be out and about showing someone around.  My steps will also be a lot higher too.

BodyMedia fit is awesome. I plan to do a separate post about different things that make it awesome. I should also plan to actually hit all my targets in future weeks.  


  1. I'm impressed too with the workout. Keep it up.

  2. Don't forget, run/walk is just as good as running straight! I know you prefer to run straight but you're getting out there and we proved you can do either or in about the same amount of time. Good job on the mile times. And doing the rest of the stuff as well!

    1. But Run/walk is different. Needing to swap to run/walk when you didn't used to have to do that shows you aren't in as good of shape.

      A 5 mile run being a huge breeze or a huge struggle is a big difference.

    2. I don't see walk/run vs. run as being "less" or being more out of shape. When we were training for the half, most of my longer runs (the 10 mile ones) were walk/run but I was able to run most of the half until my blisters got too bad. And even then, muscle wise I could have handled running the 13.1 miles if it hadn't been for my stupid blisters.

      I think you are way too hard on yourself. :) And I'm saying that as a friend.

      You'll get there again! Just keep it up!!! I was just looking at what I used to do and wishing I was still there right now.

    3. I think a better gauge or comparison of how in shape you are is the overall time. And if you're slowing down towards the end it probably does mean you were pushing harder than you could handle. I also don't necessarily see that as a bad thing, either, though. It's part of feeling yourself out to see what you can do...

    4. See I couldn't even make it 3 miles without doing run/walk. I had to change it to 2.75 which is what made me say I know I'm different now and out of shape.

      I still have to run today. Then I run Friday morning with Hilary. I should look at my monthly totals because I think I might actually be close to my goal even though I took an entire week off. Maybe that will motivate me to run more today.