Monday, December 10, 2012


Poly spent time cuddling with me in bed and on the couch.
I ended up tearing out about 5 inches of afghan because I noticed a mistake.  Poly sure thought all the yarn was just for her.  I timed how long it took to redo what I tore out and it was 4 hours. I spent a good portion of that talking to my mom on the phone.
I love spaghetti sandwiches. But I have recently realized I like spaghetti toast better than just spaghetti on bread. In both cases I use butter.  The bad part is, the spaghetti gets all over my hand a lot more when I'm using toast. At least with bread I fold the bread in half and thus I have something to hold the spaghetti in.  I have a tough time eating spaghetti without bread of some sort anymore.  Just so you know that if I'm not having spaghetti on my bread, no sauce whatsoever can touch my bread or I won't eat that portion of the bread.
Dave and I watched TV. Poly took turns hanging out with both of us. Some days she is all cuddly with us and other days she goes and sleeps under the bed.  I prefer when she hangs out with us.  She also loves afghans.


  1. I like the picture of the afghan partially done. I've never even attempted something like that- I am guessing it takes a lot of patience. I'm not a patient person though. I think you already know that.

    1. I'm a very impatient person too but since I do the afghan with the same stitch it's not too bad.

      I have a lot more pictures of the progress of the afghan but figured people didn't want to see 30+ pictures of afghan progress on the blog.