Thursday, December 13, 2012


I had more leftover spaghetti toast.

Saturdays are less fun to me than during the week. Dave is around so he gives me a hard time if I'm not productive or I try to get him to watch TV shows with me that we have a lot of and he wants to do something else.  At least on the weekends, he's not at work with the car so I could go somewhere if I wanted.  Usually I don't want to and still don't get dressed.

Dave and I did go run/walk together. It was our first run/walk in many months.  We did 1.62 miles.

The bottom left picture is hard to read but Dave made a meme and taped it to the door to our apartment complex. The door slams on it's own and even though we are 3 floors up we can still hear every slam.  Dave taped this to the door at night and by the next day it was gone. I guess someone doesn't appreciate the honest meme.

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