Sunday, December 9, 2012


We woke up to POly sleeping on Dave's clothes.

I feel like I was productive most of the day. I just spent a couple hours watching TV. My productivity was halted a few times because of Poly's cuteness.
I went for a run in the afternoon.

I cooked dinner. Well I cooked hot dogs and had leftover rice and broccoli.

I was snacking on pretzel crisps and pub cheese after dinner. Dave had Cookie Butter. Then all of a sudden he throws the cookie butter container on the couch and says I need to get it away from him. I wasn't even going to try it but after he went on about how good it was, I had to try it. Man it was so good, I could barely pause eating it long enough to post on facebook about how good it was.

Dave and I went for a short walk because he thought Trader Joe's might be open since their sign was on. They weren't opened but we got a little walk out of it.  Then we watched 4 episodes of Breaking Bad. We just finished season 2.  The planes just crashed but need to watch more to find out all the details. It's funny that they were cleaning up the aftermath at the beginning of a bunch of episodes that it had me thinking something totally different happened.

Poly sure cuddled up cute with Dave. I can't even remember back what it was like before we had a cat.

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