Sunday, December 9, 2012

11.30 - Jen Visits

Dave woke me up by listening to Howard Stern entirely too loud. Then he asks me 2 questions. Both were asking me where things were and I told him but I also told him in the past so I was a little mad. He doesn't remember when I tell him things.  Then he got mad wondering why I was mad.  I tried to go back to sleep but I just ended up resting in bed until my alarms went off. I hit snooze a few times trying to get some more sleep.
I sat on my leg thinking the chair wouldn't get as wet!
Hilary and I started texting each other about a half hour before our run. We were both complaining about the rain.  We were supposed to run 10 miles but with the rain we weren't even sure we'd go at all.  We ended up running 6 miles and complaining a lot.  The trail was closed 2.99 miles into the trail anyway so good thing we didn't want to do 10. We would have never doubled back again in that awful weather.  We got so soaked. I can't believe how wet I was.

I got home and tried to load the data. I looked up a few things online then I went to shower.  I sat on my desk chair and made it wet for hours. Oops.

I had a cheesy broccoli casserole (aka with rice) frozen thing plus more fresh broccoli. It was good but it sure took me a long time to eat it. I ate for over 30 minutes and only ate slightly over 300 calories.

I vacuumed or tried to vacuum the last room in the apartment and the vacuum broke. (Later I learned  I need a new belt.)
Poly knocked the bag of bags on the ground to lay on. I moved her bag to clean and she still slept on it. I opened the bed to put it together and she got in the way.
I watched TV.  I was going to pick Dave up and then go get Jen. Originally we were all going to eat dinner together. Then her flight was delayed an hour so Dave and I were going to eat.  Then I picked Dave up and her flight was only going to be 30 min late so we didn't eat.  We waited in the cell phone lot for a half hour for her then picked her up.  We all ended up going to dinner. It was close to 10 PM.   We went to some Bar and Grill that Dave went to for work before. It was nothing to write home about. I think it was called Tied House.
After we got home, we talked a bit then went to sleep. Nothing but nice accommodations for Jen. She had to lift up the air mattress if she wanted to close the door to the room.


  1. i'm loving these pictures of your kitty :)

    1. Thanks. I take far too many pictures of Poly. I don't put even close to all of them on my blog. Not even half of them.