Wednesday, December 26, 2012


 $169 or $179 depending if you count the purse. That's pretty good considering the boots were 100.

We watched football. The Steelers sure make me mad. All the clothes are what Dave got at the mall on Saturday.
We went to Boudin's for lunch. I was disappointed. They don't have pizza at this one. I wrote out cards. I had to make more cards. I ended up spending about 3 hours making 15 cards. I pick a poor layout. Gluing those strips down was time consuming.  I didn't think it would be bad because there wasn't coloring. I was wrong. I finished my cards (except for the ones I am missing addresses on but I decided to just not do those.)
Dave and I walked to Target and I took his picture after he took mine :) He's in one of his new shirts.
BTW here are a few more pictures of Poly on blankets. She loves them.

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