Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Shirt: Express, Vest: Limited, Jeans: JCP, Boots: Famoust Footwear, Necklace: Target
I really like this outfit. I like how the vest and long sleeve Tee seem to work perfectly or at least I felt like they did. I also like how these jeans looks. It looks like I photoshopped the pictures to get the jeans the color they are but nope that is how they are. I've only worn the vest twice before. It was cheap ($8.65) but I still need to get more use out of it.
I woke up to Poly sleeping on a pillow on the bed. She was so cute. She stayed that way the entire time I got ready. I got dressed to go running right away. I ended up going at 11:30 but that wasn't too bad compared to normal. It wasn't really cold enough for pants but since I needed to shave my legs, I figured I'd wear pants. It was 49 degrees so it could have been pants weather.
I didn't eat lunch until 3pm. I also took 45 minutes to eat it. I spent too much time IMing with my mom and entering data.  I brought in all my Express Jeans so I could label them differently. I realized I have 8 pairs of Express Jeans. I got them all off the hangers and put them on my lap to go through them and Poly jumped right up on my lap. She stayed there for awhile. I couldn't even swivel under my desk because the jeans were stacked too high.  I found this nice gem on a pair of pants.  I remember doing this and blogging about it but I can't seem to find the post or the original picture. I take too many pictures to find stuff like that.  I know I came across it in the past few days too.

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