Thursday, December 27, 2012

August and December

I had Dave take some pictures of me at Bay Trail today. Granted he was busy playing Starcraft so we went entirely too late.  But here are some comparison pictures between today and August 14. I tried to pick some with the most similar background.
The mountains are in focus a lot better in August. I don't think the harsh sun helped. You can even see Dave's shadow in the one from today. Both days the pictures were taken very close to sunset.
The mountains are a lot greener.... aka green compared to in August but it's hard to tell in the photos. What do you think of how the mountains changed?

I ran once with my long sleeve shirt on then ran the same little stretch again with just my tank top. I specifically didn't wear my pink tank top since I seem to wear it for every running photo shoot.
We didn't take any leg muscle closeups so I have no comparison there but I am a lot fatter now so I probably wouldn't have any visible muscle. I found very similar pictures of me from behind and you almost can't tell that I'm 17 lbs heavier with a lot less muscle and a lot more fat.
Dave took about 80 but almost all of them are unusable. They are so bright or blurry. I put an example below of how bright they are. That's even a better one of the bad ones. 


  1. If you put on 17lbs you sure do know how to hide it. I can't tell.
    If you have a photo editing program try adding some contrast to the pictures.

    1. I did but it was Very little change. Really the mountains looked the same and just the road and shrubs got more contrast so I just used the originals in the ones above.

      I didn't put some pictures up that made me look fatter. In those pictures you could tell more. I definitely am larger because so few of my clothes fit anymore.