Friday, January 11, 2013


Jeans + Sweater: Limited, Boots: Famous Footwear 
(I got dressed in real clothes because I thought we'd leave the house but then we didn't.)
I started off the new year with Dave waking me up early. Not only did he just wake me up early but he woke me up to go to the gym.  He went to sleep at 10 PM on NYE so he was up early just like any other day.  We headed over to the gym. I barely wanted to go since I had a cold the day before. I sort of still had it. I ran a half mile on the treadmill. He used the elliptical. Then we both did weights for our legs. I documented what I did in notepad on my phone. I spent 29 minutes lifting and then said I should have gone another minute to make it an even 30.  We walked there and back even though Dave was going to drive. It took us 8 minutes to walk back. We went in Panera for bagels but I paused the timer during that. (Poly poses for a daily picture when she sees me setting up my camera.)  
Since I didn't get to do a core workout there I did that as soon as I got home. I like to always do a core workout each time I lift weights. I also have to do a minimum of 5 minutes of abs or it doesn't count.
I wanted to load my data from my BodyMedia fit and realized my armband wasn't collecting data for 2 days. I was so disappointed by this. (I was using my computer and after awhile I looked away from exactly at the screen and realized Poly was there staring at me.)
After we ate our bagels, we went for a bike ride.  We rode to google and back for a little over 14 miles.  We were slower closer to our house since that is where the traffic was. Around google there were no cars and in the middle we were on a trail so that wasn't bad.  Dave's legs got really tired by the end. I said when he bikes to work he will have 8+ hours in between his rides so he gets time to rest. We only stopped for 2 minutes.
We watched some TV after we got back and looked at our data.  Then I made dinner.  I made Dave raviolis and me angel hair. I love angel hair and he does not. He likes sausage raviolis and I do not so it works out well.

After we ate, Dave and I watched Fringe for awhile. Then he was done with TV and I watched for a few more hours. I got caught up on Private Practice (2 episodes), Parenthood (1 episode), Mob Doctor (2 episodes) and New Girl (1 episode). I played Donut Popping almost the entire time. I did end up falling asleep on the couch. I didn't quite want to go in to bed so I put on Pawn Stars just to play a little more on my iPad and guess I ended up falling asleep. Usually if I fall asleep on the couch, I'll wake up after a couple hours but here I did not. I ended up not waking up until Dave woke up for work and came walking out of the bedroom wandering what was up. He woke me up and turned off the TV then.  I went back to sleep. Oh Poly slept cuddled up with  me the entire time.

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