Saturday, January 19, 2013


Scarf: NY&Co, Sweater: Express, Jeans: JCP, Boots: Famous Footwear 
I wanted to wake up and run my long run. Instead I slept until noon. Dave attempted to get me out of bed a few times but staying up until 6am really made me want to sleep in.  Dave cooked himself breakfast. I heard him cooking but went back to sleep.

We watched some TV. We had chicken nuggets for lunch. We made an entire bag. I ate 18. I said I had to eat them in increments of 6 because that was a serving.
We took a test bike ride to the Steven's Creek trail. This is where I get on with Hilary when we run. It makes it so he'd be on the trail longer when going to work and that his trip would be longer but that the trip would be nicer than going to Evelyn. Dave timed how long it took so he didn't stop his timer at red lights. We missed a turn on the way but turned around shortly after. It took 20 minutes to get there and 10 minutes to get home. Dave went a lot faster on the way back that I ended up way behind him. He also made the light crossing Mathilda and I did not. I took out my phone and got a nice picture of the shadow of the bike while I waited though. Too bad you can tell I'm standing. Maybe someday I'll manage to get a cool picture.

I used the computer for a bit and knew I wanted to run. After I crawled in bed for a bit, I finally went for a run and got 3 miles in just before dark.
We went to Outback for dinner.  The waitress talked to us so much, I couldn't handle it. She was so nice about everything too; I just didn't want all the interaction. We ordered their Aussie Cheese fries and she said she'd put in 2 half orders at the happy hour price. She claimed it was cheaper. I questioned this but didn't look at the menu. I was going by memory but thought it was the same or close. She said it was 50 cents or a dollar cheaper to do 2 half orders so I caved and said OK. After she left, I got up and found a menu. The half order was $4 and the full order was $7.99. Looks like I was right. I didn't even look at the menu when we were there because I knew what I wanted so I was going by memory from a few months ago when I had looked at a menu.  The fries came on 2 plates and I feel like it was actually less than 1 whole order would be but Dave says it's not.  I took a few bites of Dave's baked potato. I also had Baked Potato soup.

After we got home, I watched TV in bed on my laptop and Dave read on the couch in the living room. I watched the 2 episodes I missed of Pretty Little Liars. I watched on Hulu and get annoyed with their commercials. I just played Donut Popping during the commercials and a little during the show.  When I watched all the episodes back to back in a week's time, I feel like the shows are better.  Once Dave came to bed I watched 2 episodes of 18 to Life and fell asleep.

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