Monday, January 21, 2013


I accidentally turned off my alarm instead of hitting snooze again so I didn't wake up until a little after 11. When my alarm went off at 9:22, I thought I was getting up too. I thought I only closed my eyes for another second.  A few months ago I used to have my alarm set for 8:30 everyday. I changed that to 9:22. Now I'm not even getting up anywhere close to that.

Then I stayed in bed until 1 or so.  I checked my email and finished watching the last 2 episodes of 18 to Life. The show is 2 seasons long and there are only 25 total episodes. And it's a half hour show so it wasn't that long to get through the series. But it wasn't that good either. At least it made it so I wasn't addicted to it nonstop.

I got up and did a ton of dishes. The kitchen sure gets messy right away.

I ate leftover spaghetti again for lunch while watching the Biggest Loser. I wasn't even going to watch the entire thing because I had things on my mental to-do list but then I got sucked in.  With 5 minutes left in the show, Poly climbed on my lap. So I decided to watch the Mentalist. I really like that show. Before that was even over, Dave called to say he was leaving work. Oops. I didn't get anything done I wanted to.  He brought home McDonald's. We watched some of the first episode of American Idol.  Then we went for a walk and went to target.
After that we spent a few hours coding. Dave was teaching me about linked lists. I got almost everything done he wanted me to get done before he got home from work. Too bad I just got it done by the time he went to sleep. And as soon as he went to sleep, I didn't finish coding but started reading facebook and blogging. Dave said he couldn't believe I didn't do the coding while he was at work. I honestly asked him if he didn't believe that because I am constantly doing that (aka not doing what I'm supposed to).

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