Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Poly slept at the foot of the bed... hogging. I stayed in bed a bit.  I used the computer a little.  I didn't feel well so I went to the couch. I was also freezing.
I covered myself in two afghans. Dave got out a hat and gloves for me. We watched some TV and I finally started to warm up.  Poly napped with me. I mean she napped beside me while I watched TV. I thought I might be getting a cold. I was sneezing almost nonstop and my nose wouldn't stop running.  I thought maybe I was getting sick to make it even worse that I was missing out on normal NYE fun.
We watched some more TV. I played some Donut Popping.  Dave went in to sleep at 10 PM!
Close to 11, Callie called me using facetime. We talked a bit. We played Catch Phrase. I look forward to NYE every year and love playing Catch Phrase. I like that they play without teams so you can guess whenever. This year they attempted to have teams. That was awful. Callie and I just guessed whenever. Granted I couldn't hear everyone and it'd blank out all the time and I'd loose video and sound for a few seconds every little bit. It was still fun.  Once Callie's phone died, Timmy called on his phone. But his speaker phone was awful so I couldn't hear anyone in the room... not even him. So we finally got off the phone. I think we were on a little over 2 hours. Apparently I was loud on the phone because it woke Dave up but then he went back to sleep.  I was playing Donut Popping most of the time I was on the phone.  I still got a couple Catch Phrase answers even though I couldn't hear most of the clues.

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